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My name is Piotr Musiela and I am a sworn translator (Ministry of Justice ref. no. TP/16/16). I offer expertise, timely delivery and flexible approach.

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About me

An archaeology and linguistics graduate as well as a self-confessed law enthusiast, I have been working as a freelance English-Polish / Polish-English translator and interpreter for the last 4–5 years, providing my services to translation agencies and directly to other companies and individual customers.


I have gained and can prove my expertise in the following fields:

  • General
  • Law (public procurement, contracts, EU)
  • History, art, history of art, heritage preservation and restoration
  • Technical (instruction manuals, guides, specifications, etc.)
  • Website/software localization

If necessary, I cooperate closely with other linguists, proofreaders and reviewers in order to always ensure accuracy and timely delivery.

I do not have ready-made solutions or templates to apply. Instead, I believe that every project and every text is different, and thus deserves an individual approach, depending on a customer’s needs.

In my work, I rely on the aid of state-of-the-art technology (CATs) and follow the principle of being true first to the spirit and second to the letter of a text, i.e. always rendering the message, but with respect for its wording.


My rates are:

PLN 0.12–0.20 per word for editable documents, e.g. docx files

PLN 30–40 per page, i.e. 250 words for uneditable documents, including scans, hard copy, handwritten documents, etc.

You can expect daily output of 2000–2500 words or 8–10 pages. Anything above that will be considered rush service and will likely be quoted closer to the upper limit as the final price depends mainly on the complexity of the material and the required deadline.

Standard translation process (service):

includes translation followed by a ‘manual’ or computer-assisted quality assurance stage, at which the target text is checked for numeric mismatches, missing fragments, format errors, etc. You may also wish to order additional options, e.g. proofreading by an external linguist or an expert review , which are charged extra.

Thanks to the use of translation memories (for editable computer files), you never have to pay for translating the same sentence twice. If you are a returning customer, you may also expect special prices


My standard rates are:

PLN 80–120/h with the minimum order of 3 hours, travel and accommodation costs not included. Please be informed that the final price depends on a number of factors, e.g. preparation time.

I provide liaison, consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services.



I occasionally provide free-of-charge interpreting for NGOs and other non-profit organizations, so just ask!

My references

Przygotowanie napisów pod film reklamowy zamieszony w YouTube.


Piotr Musiela
Ul. Grzegórzecka 67c/36
31-559 Kraków, Polska
Tel: (+48) 609 507 903

Please enter your message below or email me directly at piotr.musiela@piotrmusielatranslations.com to ask for a quotation or inquire about any other translation/interpreting-related matters.